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For twenty years, I have been teaching mathematics and physics at community colleges in Arizona. I have taught everything from prealgebra to Calculus. In every one of these classes, I struggled to teach the course objectives in a way that was interesting to students, prepared them for later courses, and gave them skills to succeed in an increasingly technical world.

To reach these goals, I have varied my teaching strategies in accordance with standards created the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges. This started in 1997 when I attended a workshop in Flagstaff on Crossroads in Mathematics: Standards for Introductory Mathematics Before Calculus. This workshop inspired me to try something different from the way I had been taught. It encouraged me to go beyond teaching simple skills in a lecture environment. I was immersed in ideas like collaborative learning, multiple approaches, and technology. I had utilized these ideas in isolation, but had never been around a group of colleagues so interested in improving mathematics through the implementation of standards.



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