Finite Mathematics Workbook

The workbooks below are designed to accompany the Finite Mathematics eBook available on this site. In each workbook, you will find key terms, a short summary, and guided problems for each section in the ebook. Accompanying each guided example is a practice problem for students to complete. Answers to the practice problems are available at the end of each chapter’s workbook. Word documents are available for each chapter if you want to modify the workbooks. Email for the Word documents.

  • Chapter 1 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 2 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 3 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 4 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 5 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 6 Workbook (PDF)
  • Chapter 7 Workbook (PDF) under construction
  • Chapter 8 Workbook (PDF) under construction
  • Chapter 9 Workbook (PDF) under construction

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