Do You Have More Integration By Parts Examples?

Here are some more examples of integration by parts courtesy of the face-to-face class.

Example 1

$latex displaystyle int{left( 2t-1 right)ln left( t right)dt}$















Example 2

$latex displaystyle int{{{x}^{4}}ln left( x right)dx}$






Example 3

$latex displaystyle int{ln left( 2x right)dx}$






Example 4

$latex displaystyle int{left( 5z-4 right)ln left( z right)dz}$





Example 5

$latex displaystyle int{{{x}^{3}}ln left( x right)dx}$
















Example 6

$latex displaystyle int{{{x}^{2}}ln left( x right)dx}$





 Example 7

$latex displaystyle int{ln left( 3z right)dz}$