How Do You Add a Second Data Series to a Graph in Excel 2013?

Suppose you have created some kind of graph with a data series and you want to add a second data series to the graph. In the Excel sheet below, we have a scatter plot of the data in cells A1 through B4.

We want to add the data in cells A8 through B18 to this graph.

152_excel_2013001Start by right clicking on one of the data point in the scatter plot. From the menu that appears, choose Select Data.


This will open the Select Data Source box. You can see that this graph already has a data series named Series1 on it. To add another data series, choose Add.


The Edit Series allows you to enter the cells in which your data series resides. Move the cursor to the Series X values box. Now drag select the data that you want to be graphed horizontally. Move the cursor to the Series Y values box and delete any entries there. Drag select the data that you want to graphed vertically.

152_excel_2013004In our scatter plot, we want the second data series to take its horizontal values from cell A8 through A18 and the vertical values from cells B8 through B18.

Click OK twice. The new scatter plot shows the first data series in blue and the second data series in orange. For these scatter plots there is some overlap so not all of the blue points are visible.

152_excel_2013005Multiple data series may be added to a graph by following this process.