How Do You Change The Way A Data Series Appears On A Graph In Excel 2013?

To modify the pieces of a graph, we use the Chart Elements button on the graph. If we want to change how the data series appears inside of the graph, we need to format the data series.

To get started, let’s assume we have a graph like the one below.

152_excel_2013013This graph actually has two data series, one in blue and the other in orange. Suppose we want to change the orange data points to a line that connects the points. Start by right clicking one one of the orange data points.

152_excel_2013006Select Format Data Series. On the right side of the page the Format Data Series panel appears.

152_excel_2013007Click on the paint bucket icon to change how the points are connected and what markers are used for each point. Choose Line to begin.

152_excel_2013014From the choices that appear, choose Solid line. When you do this, additional list will appear that will allow you to change what the line looks like.

152_excel_2013015If we change the color to a purple, you will see something like the graph below. Notice the line is purple, but not the markers representing the points.


To change how the markers appear, select Marker from the Format Data Series panel. If we expand Marker Options, we can see exactly how the points are being formatted. You can choose Built-In to change the type, size and color of the marker.


I want the markers to disappear so only the line appears, so select None.



Now the points no longer appear leaving only the purple line for the data series.


Try experimenting with the Format Data Series panel to see what you can change on the data series.