Chapter 7 Probability

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Games of chance are examples of experiments where the outcomes are uncertain. In poker, there are millions of different ways a five card hand can be dealt. However, only one of these hands correspond to a club royal flush. This makes the likelihood of being dealt a club royal flush extremely unlikely. probability is a way of quantifying the likelihood of this hand occurring.

In this chapter, we’ll learn how to calculate probabilities. This will require you to learn a number of basic principles about what probability is and the difference between theoretical and empirical probability. This will help you to master two more learning outcomes in the class.

  • Perform the basic operations of “or”, “and”, and complement on sets.
  • Evaluate probabilities of simple, compound, independent and dependent events.

Section 1 – Basic Concepts of Probability

Section 2 – Probability Rules

Section 3 – Conditional Probability

Chapter 7 Practice Solutions (PDF) 11/12/19