Chapter 2 Probability

This module explains how objects can be counted mathematically and used to calculate probabilities.  This helps us to tackle two of the objectives for this class:

  • Apply the basic rules of counting: fundamental counting principle, permutations, and combinations to solve problems.
  • Apply basic rules of probability including compound events, conditional probability, and expected value to solve problems.

Techniques from this chapter can be used to determine how many ways there are to roll a total of 7 or 11 on a pair of die or how many ways there are to pick lottery numbers.


Once we understand this process, we will use this information to determine how likely it is to roll 7 or 11 or win the lottery.

Section 2.1 – The Basics of Probability Theory

Section 2.2 – Fundamental Counting Principle

Section 2.3 – Permutations and Combinations

Section 2.4 – Counting Techniques and Probability

Section 2.5 – Expected Value