Section 3.1 The Metric System

Thermometer with Celsius and Kelvin scale

The metric system is used throughout the world to measure length, volume, mass, and time. Units like the English system are used in the United States and the United Kingdom, but in professions like nursing  the metric system (SI units) is used exclusively.

In SI units there are several base units that are used to measure various quantities.

Symbol Name Quantity
s second time
m meter length
kg kilogram mass
A ampere electrical current
K kelvin temperature
mol mole amount of substance
cd candela luminous intensity

Our objectives for this section are to

  • use the basic units of measurement in the metric system,
  • make conversions between metric measurements.

Use the resources below to help you accomplish these objectives.

Section 3.1 Workbook (PDF)– 9/7/19

Section 3.1 Practice Solutions

Chapter 3 Practice Solutions (PDF)– 9/7/19