How Do You Make a Table of Values in Google Sheets?

Suppose you want to generate a table of values from a formula…perhaps to help evaluate a limit. Google Sheets (or any spreadsheet) can quickly generate the values.

Make a table of values for f (x) = 7x2 + 1 for x = 0, 0.9, 0.99, 0.999, 0.9999.

1.  Open Google Sheets.

2.  In the first row place the name of the input variable and the function’s name. We will put the values of the independent variable the first column (A) and the values of the dependent variable in the second column (B).


3.  In cells A2 through A6, put the values of the independent variable for the table.


4.  Click the mouse in cell B2. Enter the formula in that cell by typing =7*A2^2+1.


5.  Press Enter to evaluate the formula in cell B2.


6.  Click the mouse in cell B2. You will see a black outline around the cell. Use the mouse to grab the fill handle in the lower right hand corner of the black outline.


7.  Click on this handle. While holding the left mouse button down, drag the mouse to cell B6.


8.  When the mouse button is released, cells B2 through B6 are filled with the function values corresponding to the inputs in column A.