Mathematics Resources

I use a textbook throughout the course to give students a reference source for the mathematics they need to know. I am not too picky about the text, but I do need the textbook have some type of algorithmically generated homework and quizzes. I use MyMathLab, but many other systems would work.

Online homework and quizzes are the vehicle students use to actively learn the content in the class. Students complete a homework assignment and quiz on each section in the textbook that I cover. After completing the assignments, students have learned the basic procedure required in the course. However, a deeper understanding occurs when a student must apply this information in a realistic context like the context in the project.

I find that students are not very good at reading textbooks, so I have produced short videos for all of the content in the textbook. Each video is no more than 10 to 15 minutes long (a typical students attention span and covers very specific objectives. This allows me to utilize them in a just-in-time manner. As the need occurs, I can email video links to students when they are stumped on a particular question for a homework assignment or quiz. Below are several videos appropriate to the student to teacher ratio project.

If the video for your textbook is in smaller segments that you can link to, you can probably utilize those videos to help your students learn the calculus concepts.