Section 4.2 Modeling with Linear Equations

Now that you know how to solve a linear equation, we can use that skill to construct linear equations.  The process of using information to create an equation is called modeling. The equation you create that corresponds to some information is called a mathematical model. In this section, ee will do this by calculating the slope and intercept of a line that has the form 

y = m x + b

Initially, you will be given the slope and intercept. Then we will use a pair of points to find the value of the slope m and the intercept b.

Our goal is to be able to 

  • model an application with a linear equation using a point and slope.
  • models an application with a linear equation using two points.

Use the resources below to help you reach these goals.

Section 4.2 Workbook (PDF) 10/19/19

Section 4.2 Practice Solutions