How to Make a Class Calendar in Google Calendar

Each semester I try to make my classes a little better than the previous semester. I try to be more efficient and to use technology in a way that makes me more accessible to students. For many years, I have used Word to make a basic class calendar with all of the due dates. I posted the calendar online as a PDF file. This calendar was convenient for my students since they could print it out and annotate it with their own schedule as needed. However, it is limited since updates require me to upload the entire calendar again. It also only shows the deadline with no other information.

This semester I am using Google Calendar to make my class calendars.

Picture of MAT 152 Calendar

This calendar (live link here) contains all of the information my Word / PDF calendars did, plus more. By clicking on an event, you get a description of the event.

Event description

Note that in the description, there is a hyperlink. I can include a link to whatever resources  that might be useful for this event. This calendar can be embedded into your learning management system or blog. I can put this front and center in the course to insure students see what is in front of them at all times. I can also link to parts of the calendar on a week by week basis (Agenda view) in my weekly announcements.

I have created a handout on making calendars for your courses. You can download it below to help you get started.

How to Create a Course Calendar in Google Calendar (PDF)

An added bonus of the Google Calendar is that I have access to it on all of my devices…PC, tablet and smartphone. This means I can update it as needed from just about anywhere. And once I update it, the updates are pushed to all calendars I am linked to.