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whyseemath_001Occasionally visitors to this site ask me about the websites I use for the classes I teach. This website is my faculty oriented website. My students use to access videos, worksheets, and other resources for college algebra, finite math, and calculus. In fact, the site is embedded in the entry page they see when they log into their course at MyLabsPlus.

The front end is designed for messages oriented to all of my students. I typically like to post interesting applications of mathematics that would be of interest to my students. Along the right side of the page are RSS feeds from the blogs for each class.

By clicking on the link along the top of the page, you can access the blogs for individual classes as well as a resource page for constructing research posters. Each individual class blog has a feed from the main Why?See!Math page so that they can see updates.

Along the right side of this page, I have added an RSS feed from the main Why?See!Math page so that visitors here can see the posts I am making. You will always find some interesting links and articles…I follow a number of websites and I often put up links to Wired or NPR when I find something that relates to one of my classes.