Make Class Time Count at AMATYC

make_class_time_countI want to thank those of you who attended my session, Make Class Time Count in a Flipped Classroom, at the AMATYC Annual Conference in Anaheim. It was great to see such a large audience. I did not expect nearly so many of you for a session on a Saturday near Disneyland. I apologize if you did not get a handout…below I have links to several posts containing the different worksheets.

In a few of the of the session evaluations it was clear that some of you were expecting something a bit different. For instructors just contemplating a flipped classroom, you might want more on the logistics of flipping a classroom. I recently write a post on flipping entitled

This post gives some information on how I set up week to week schedule. I am sure you will have more questions. Leave your questions by commenting on that post or this post and I will respond to your post or write another post. Many of my other recent posts address the zombie learner.

Below are several posts I made on the Verizon example and tax examples.

There are several examples that I did not get to in the presentation. I’ll be posting on those examples over the next few weeks.

For those of you who are interested in the Powerpoint I used, here is a PDF of the presentation.

The Powerpoint is very large so I did not include it here…alot of zombie pictures. Thanks again for attending the session…you can reach me at dave at symbol