A Parabola Without x Intercepts…Inconceivable!

Graph of a Parabola without x intercepts

In a previous Math-FAQ, we looked at the different parts of a parabola. Based on this information, you know that to find the x intercepts of a parabola we need to solve a quadratic equation. When we solve a quadratic  equation to find the x intercepts of the graph, you might expect to always have solutions. But as the Math-FAQ below shows, this is not always the case.

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The Compound Interest Formula and Its Many Faces

The compound interest formula appears in many classes. It can be confusing to students when it appears in one class as

Compound Interest Formula

and in another as

These are basically the same formulas, but used in a different context. However, how you solve for the different quantities in either one is the same. The Math-FAQs below demonstrate how to solve for 

Calculating Rates from the Limit Definition

Students often struggle with calculating rates from the limit definition,

Because of this, there are many FAQs available to help you work through these problems.

These examples should help you to solve problems from Section 11.2 and Section 11.3.